Over 35 Years
Serving Northern Alberta

With offices in Edmonton and Grande Prairie, the Outlaw crew has drilled extensively in Northern Alberta, North Eastern British Columbia, Central and Southern Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Outlaw HDD has become one of the leading drilling companies in installing oil and gas pipelines up to 24″ in diameter. Our experienced personnel have drilled product sizes ranging from 2” up to 42” in diameter in every type of ground condition that Alberta has to offer and have pulled lengths up to 1500m in one shot. We have installed all types of products such as pipeline for the oil and gas industry, water line both Fusible PVC and HDPE, telecommunications, water & sewer and gas installations.

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Growing + Evolving
  • Oil and Gas

  • Complete installations up to 24” on creek crossings, road crossings, and environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Water and Sewer

  • Installed HDPE and Fusible PVC waterline – bore lengths up to 600 meters and diameter up to 16”.
  • Telecommunications

  • Experience with Telus, Shaw, Bell and the Alberta Supernet with continued work within telecommunications.

HDD is a constantly growing and evolving industry

“Trenchless Technology” – minimizing restoration costs and environmental impact. Common applications are gas transmission pipelines, oil well feeder lines, utility road crossings and various other requirements. Outlaw HDD has the ability to handle product installations up to 24” in diameter on various bore lengths depending on product diameter and soil conditions.






To provide a safe and healthy workplace

Outlaw HDD takes every possible step to insure our employees, contractors and suppliers adhere to our safety standards and policies at all times and make sure everyone on and off our jobsite is accountable for the health and safety of themselves and their co-workers and the public. Outlaw HDD strives to keep our safety program up to date and our employees fully educated and certified.